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  • How Kummeropolis Brought a 17-Year-Old WordPress Website to a 99 Lighthouse Score
    We recently undertook a significant project with Kummeropolis, a 17-year-old WordPress website. has become an institution for children’s ministry leaders and the most popular resource for churches building their children’s programs. Unfortunately, the website has bloated over the years with inconsistent administration and very little attention to user experience. We aimed to modernize its
  • Kummeropolis Client Achieves Perfect PageSpeed Score from Google
    We are thrilled to share the exciting news about our client website, 123Bien, achieving a flawless score in Google PageSpeed. This accomplishment reflects our dedication to optimizing the website for an exceptional user experience and high performance. We’re celebrating the recent perfect score of our client website 123Bien in Google PageSpeed. We embarked on a
  • Silent Forest Book Release by David Kummer
    Congratulations to David Kummer on the Release of His Latest Psychological Thriller! A huge congratulations to David Kummer on unveiling the next psychological thriller in The House on the Hill series, The Silent Fortune. This book promises to captivate readers with its intriguing blend of mystery and psychological suspense, making it a highly anticipated addition
  • David Kummer Shares Young Author Journey
    Congratulations to David Kummer for sharing his author journey! Congratulations to David Kummer for sharing his journey as an author and making his books more accessible. His inspiring story highlights his dedication to storytelling and passion for writing. Why David Kummer’s Journey Matters: More Context on David Kummer’s Author Journey: David Kummer has a rich
  • Naming the Church Youth Group
    A huge congratulations to our team at Youth Group Ministry for the launch of the “Essential Guide for Crafting Engaging Identities.” This comprehensive guide helps youth groups build dynamic, memorable identities that resonate with teens and parents alike. Your dedication has given youth leaders a practical tool to strengthen their ministry’s impact. Names for Church
  • Mothers’ Day Coloring Book PDF
    Congratulations to the Editors and Writers of Ministry-To-Children! Congratulations to our Ministry-To-Children team for launching the free Mother’s Day coloring pages, “Free Mother’s Day Coloring Pages to Express Love and Gratitude.” Your creativity and dedication have given children and families a meaningful way to express love through art while incorporating valuable biblical teachings. Why This
  • Bible Recommendations from Sunday School Works
    Congratulations to the Editors and Writers of Sunday School Works! Congratulations to our team for successfully launching expert recommendations for the best children’s Bibles in 2024. Your dedication to research and curation has led to a valuable guide that will empower parents and ministry leaders in selecting age-appropriate, faith-building Bibles for children. This resource matters
  • Mothers’ Day Coloring at The Sunday School Store
    Congratulations to the Editors and Writers of The Sunday School Store! A huge congratulations to our editors and writers for the brilliant launch of the new Mother’s Day Bible lesson, “Mother’s Day Coloring Pages & Craft Activities.” This comprehensive lesson is thoughtfully designed to help children celebrate their mothers while learning valuable biblical lessons. The
  • Mother’s Day Lesson from Youth Group Ministry
    Congratulations to the Editors and Writers of Youth Group Ministry! A big congratulations to our entire PR team for the outstanding launch of the “Youth Bible Study on Honoring Mom.” This thoughtful resource is a testament to our editors’ and writers’ dedication and creativity, who meticulously crafted an enriching Mother’s Day Sunday school lesson. Your
  • Summer Curriculum for Kids from the Sunday School Store
    As the marketing team behind the launch of The Sunday School Store’s new “Bible Beach Club Children’s Ministry Curriculum,” we’re excited to share a firsthand look at what makes this program so special. Our goal was to create an immersive, beach-themed learning experience that makes the biblical stories of Jesus’s miracles more relatable and engaging
  • Kummeropolis Press Release #1
    Today marks a significant milestone for us at Kummeropolis with the official announcement of our launch, as detailed in our recent press release. This isn’t just a celebration of a new beginning; it’s a testament to the hard work, dedication, and vision that each one of you has contributed to our mission. We’ve set out
  • Summer Games Curriculum for Kids Ministry
    Celebrating Innovation in Children’s Ministry: The Sunday School Store’s Olympic-Themed Curriculum The Sunday School Store has launched an exciting new curriculum themed around the Olympics, aimed at children aged 6-12. This “Summer Games Curriculum” uniquely integrates the spirit of the Olympics with Christian teachings, emphasizing perseverance and faith through a series of engaging lessons and
  • Ranking the Best Children’s Bibles for Kids
    Ministry-To-Children just dropped their 2024 hot list for the best kids’ Bibles, and it’s like a treasure trove for parents and kids alike! They’ve scoured shelves and screens to find Bibles that hit just the right note for every young reader out there. From “The Jesus Storybook Bible” that spins all the Bible stories around
  • Mother’s Day Youth Ministry Lesson for Teens
    The folks over at Youth Group Ministry in Sellersburg, Indiana, are stepping up their game this Mother’s Day with something special for teens. They’ve rolled out a new Sunday school lesson called “Youth Bible Study on Honoring Mom,” aimed at tightening the bonds between teens and their moms through biblical teachings. This isn’t just about
  • Youth Minsitry Bible Lessons for Teenagers
    Hey everyone! Let’s dive into something cool happening in the world of youth ministry. Over in Sellersburg, Indiana, there’s this online platform called Youth Group Ministry that’s making waves. They’re all about boosting youth ministries and their leaders, and guess what? They just hit a major milestone – over 500 free Bible lessons for teens.
  • Storm Debirs is Light Work for D&A Environmental
    In the aftermath of recent storms in Jeffersonville, Indiana, the community has stepped up in a big way. Now, they’re not just talking about environmental services; they’re actively expanding into storm debris removal. This isn’t about business growth—it’s about responding to a pressing need with a sustainable touch. Imagine the scene: trucks rolling out, not
  • Free VBS Games for Kids
    Just came across something super exciting and couldn’t wait to share it with you all on my blog!, a platform I’ve long admired for its commitment to enriching children’s ministries, has just launched a treasure trove of free VBS (Vacation Bible School) games for kids. This collection is bursting with fun and educational games
  • Short Bible Verses for Kids
    I’m absolutely thrilled to share something amazing with all of you today! Sunday School Works has just rolled out a fantastic initiative called “Short Bible Verses,” designed to make Scripture memorization a breeze for everyone, regardless of age. This carefully curated collection of concise yet powerful verses is a game-changer for personal faith journeys and
  • Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum Relese Information
    I helped work on something remarkable I’m thrilled to share with my readers. The Sunday School Store, a name many of us in the religious educational sphere are familiar with, has launched an innovative curriculum titled “The Fruit of the Spirit.” This program aims to nurture ethical growth in children, focusing on instilling values such
  • Praise for Grapple Truck Debris from D&A Environmental, Sellersburg Inidana
    As someone living in Clark County, Indiana, I’ve recently witnessed a remarkable shift in how we handle debris removal, thanks to D&A Environmental. The introduction of their Grapple Truck Service has been a game-changer, making the disposal process not only more efficient but also environmentally friendly. This new service stands out because it uses advanced