Summer Games Curriculum for Kids Ministry

Celebrating Innovation in Children’s Ministry: The Sunday School Store’s Olympic-Themed Curriculum

The Sunday School Store has launched an exciting new curriculum themed around the Olympics, aimed at children aged 6-12. This “Summer Games Curriculum” uniquely integrates the spirit of the Olympics with Christian teachings, emphasizing perseverance and faith through a series of engaging lessons and activities.

By using the universal appeal of the Olympic games, the curriculum seeks to teach children valuable life lessons through stories of athletic determination mirrored with spiritual growth. The program spans three weeks and includes a variety of interactive components like group games and crafts, making the learning process both fun and educational.

Tony Kummer, editor at the Sunday School Store, explained that the curriculum was inspired by the global fascination with the Olympics, aiming to use that enthusiasm to deepen children’s understanding of faith. He highlighted the curriculum’s potential to foster meaningful discussions on how to live according to Christian values, especially during a time when the world is focused on the Olympic Games.

The “Summer Games Curriculum” is not just a teaching tool but a comprehensive package that supports educators with extensive resources, ensuring that any teacher, regardless of experience, can effectively convey its powerful messages. This initiative underscores the Sunday School Store’s commitment to developing innovative and impactful religious educational materials.

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