Mothers’ Day Coloring at The Sunday School Store

Congratulations to the Editors and Writers of The Sunday School Store! A huge congratulations to our editors and writers for the brilliant launch of the new Mother’s Day Bible lesson, “Mother’s Day Coloring Pages & Craft Activities.” This comprehensive lesson is thoughtfully designed to help children celebrate their mothers while learning valuable biblical lessons. The dedication of our team shines through in each activity, from the heartfelt coloring pages and craft activities to the lessons inspired by Proverbs 31. You have all done a remarkable job in creating a resource that bridges the gap between learning and celebrating. Your

Summer Curriculum for Kids from the Sunday School Store

As the marketing team behind the launch of The Sunday School Store’s new “Bible Beach Club Children’s Ministry Curriculum,” we’re excited to share a firsthand look at what makes this program so special. Our goal was to create an immersive, beach-themed learning experience that makes the biblical stories of Jesus’s miracles more relatable and engaging for kids aged 6 to 12. From the onset, we knew that the beach setting would be a hit. It’s a place of wonder and excitement, something we aimed to capture in our lessons. Each of the four weeks of the curriculum takes children

Summer Games Curriculum for Kids Ministry

Celebrating Innovation in Children’s Ministry: The Sunday School Store’s Olympic-Themed Curriculum The Sunday School Store has launched an exciting new curriculum themed around the Olympics, aimed at children aged 6-12. This “Summer Games Curriculum” uniquely integrates the spirit of the Olympics with Christian teachings, emphasizing perseverance and faith through a series of engaging lessons and activities. By using the universal appeal of the Olympic games, the curriculum seeks to teach children valuable life lessons through stories of athletic determination mirrored with spiritual growth. The program spans three weeks and includes a variety of interactive components like group games and

Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum Relese Information

I helped work on something remarkable I’m thrilled to share with my readers. The Sunday School Store, a name many of us in the religious educational sphere are familiar with, has launched an innovative curriculum titled “The Fruit of the Spirit.” This program aims to nurture ethical growth in children, focusing on instilling values such as love, joy, peace, and patience through engaging, interactive lessons. Designed for kids aged 6-12, the curriculum is based on Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians and offers a mix of Bible-driven instructions and interactive experiences. What struck me most was how it’s tailored to

New Easter Curriculum For Kids’ Sunday School to Highlight Holy Week Heroes

I’m so excited to share some news with you today! I’m part of the team at Sunday School Store, and we’ve just launched a brand new Easter curriculum for kids. This curriculum is about helping children learn about Holy Week through stories and activities. It’s a great way for kids to connect with the important people from the Bible during this special time of year. The curriculum is designed to be engaging and informative for kids of all ages. It includes various activities, such as storytelling, crafts, and games. In addition to the new Easter curriculum, the Sunday School