How Kummeropolis Brought a 17-Year-Old WordPress Website to a 99 Lighthouse Score

We recently undertook a significant project with Kummeropolis, a 17-year-old WordPress website. has become an institution for children’s ministry leaders and the most popular resource for churches building their children’s programs. Unfortunately, the website has bloated over the years with inconsistent administration and very little attention to user experience. We aimed to modernize its design and optimize its performance, achieving a near-perfect Lighthouse score of 99. This massive improvement encompassed all key web vitals, including core web vitals, image optimization, CSS refinement, and script optimization. Identifying the Web Design Challenges Given the website’s age, we faced several challenges:

Kummeropolis Client Achieves Perfect PageSpeed Score from Google

We are thrilled to share the exciting news about our client website, 123Bien, achieving a flawless score in Google PageSpeed. This accomplishment reflects our dedication to optimizing the website for an exceptional user experience and high performance. We’re celebrating the recent perfect score of our client website 123Bien in Google PageSpeed. We embarked on a mission to enhance the performance of this website for mobile users in low-bandwidth rural areas around the world. As a result, our primary focus was on reducing page size and improving loading speed to ensure a seamless experience for visitors in these regions. What

Kummeropolis Press Release #1

Today marks a significant milestone for us at Kummeropolis with the official announcement of our launch, as detailed in our recent press release. This isn’t just a celebration of a new beginning; it’s a testament to the hard work, dedication, and vision that each one of you has contributed to our mission. We’ve set out to enhance business websites with unmatched speed and usability, making digital spaces more effective and engaging than ever before. As we step into the digital age, our focus remains clear: to deliver responsive, high-performing websites that balance aesthetic appeal with functionality. Our founder, Anthony