Thinking is difficult, but you must try!

“Thinking is difficult, that’s why most people judge.”

― C.G. Jung

Think of thinking as words. Words are symbols for thinking, but thinking is separate from the words themselves. Thinking isn’t a behavior, it “symptoms” include things like action and speaking, but thinking itself is a different thing entirely. You can think without doing anything or saying anything. Also note that thinking is not a result of judging something. Though most people do judge after they have thought about something, thinking doesn’t require judgment yet because thinking requires no conscious comprehension. This article will give you some insight on how to understand your thoughts better so that you become more independent from them instead of being their slave- which prevents progress in life I might add!

The first step in learning to with your thoughts is to understand thinking itself. Some of the most basic thinking is that which you have already been thinking for your whole life, but it’s only when you begin thinking more about thinking can you really appreciate how much thinking has changed over time, and the important role thinking plays in our lives. I find humanity to be a thinking being- we have created so many things by thinking. We have even gone so far as to develop some non-thinking living beings into thinking machines, such as computers (which are machines that think).

Maybe this all starts in childhood. From public education to Sunday school lessons in your local church – everything works again our need to develop thinking skills.

How you can improve your thinking abilities

There are a few key ways to improve your thinking ability. One way is to get enough sleep and exercise, as both of these help to keep your thinking clear. In addition, it’s important that you give yourself time to think- don’t always be busy and rushing from one thing to the next. Make sure you have some down time where you can just relax and let your mind wander. You may also find it helpful to read about thinking and different thinking processes, as this can help you better understand your own thinking. Finally, practice thinking out loud- this can help you better understand your thoughts and also improve your thinking ability over time.

When thinking, many people think in a linear fashion- one thought leads to another. However, thinking doesn’t have to be this way at all. Instead of thinking about thinking itself, try thinking non-linearly for a change- it may help you better understand your thinking patterns and also make your thinking easier in the long run.

Lastly, remember that thoughts are not always necessary or accurate. People say all sorts of things without thinking at times, though they generally regret it later when they realize their mistake. It’s best if you can learn to control what you allow through your conscious mind before acting on it or speaking it out loud- that way you won’t have words come out of your mouth that you don’t mean to say! And thinking is not a bad thing at all, the thinking process is just misunderstood. People misunderstand thinking by thinking in a linear and/or judgmental way, which causes them to judge thinking as something bad when thinking is actually very good.

This post discusses the thinking process, ways to improve thinking abilities, and how thoughts are not always accurate. It also provides insight on how to understand your thoughts better.