The Tale of Nevan and His Dog’s Toilet Habits

Ever since he was a pup, Nevan’s dog had an odd habit. Whenever it was time to do his business, the dog would insist on doing it in the same spot: Nevan’s bed. No matter how much Nevan tried to train him not to go in his bedroom, the dog always seemed to find a way back in and make himself comfortable on the bed.

At first, Nevan thought his pup just had poor potty training habits and mistook his bed for a place to relieve himself. That may have been part of the issue, but it soon became apparent that there was something more going on. As autumn rolled around, it became increasingly clear that this was always going to be where his pup chose to go whenever nature called.

Nevan figured out what was really happening when he came home one day and found the sweetest little scene: His dog was snuggled up in the middle of his bed with one leg dangling off the side — and yes, he had done his business right there as well! It turned out that while Nevan had been away at work all day, his pup had decided to make use of this “sunny spot” as a convenient toilet!

From then on, Nevan began keeping better tabs on his canine companion throughout the day so that she could get outside for her bathroom breaks — or if need be, lay down some newspaper near her favorite spot before she decided to use it! He also got into the habit of checking the bed every morning before heading off for work again ,just incase she decided to pay him another visit during the night. Eventually they both got into a nice routine where they could peacefully co-exist without any unnecessary messes (or stress!).

Nowadays whenever people ask how he manages such an obedient pet ,Nevan is sure tell them about making use of natural sunlight and taking extra care for regular trips outdoors – with some added doses of patience! After all ,it doesn’t matter if you have a big house or small apartment; everyone loves their furry friends and everyone deserves a cozy nap from time-to-time .Whether its snuggling up with your pup after a long day at work or training them not to do their business indoors – it will all pay off eventually . Just remember – your pooch has unique needs too – so don’t forget to take some time for yourself along with them too !

Source: Lilet’s Blog