That one time Chelsea went monk mode on Pinterest

Once upon a time there was a mother named Chelsea who was really into Pinterest. She spent her entire weekend searching for Sunday school lesson ideas that she could use to teach her elementary-aged kids at church.

She was so engrossed in her task that she almost forgot about the world around her. She found all kinds of creative ideas and activities that she wanted to try out, saving them for future reference and pouring over them for hours on end.

But as the day went on, she started to feel like something was missing in her life. Her cat hadn’t been fed yet, and it had been hours since breakfast! Then it dawned on her – while Pinterest can be an exciting place with lots of interesting content, life is lived offline.

Chelsea immediately jumped up from her computer chair, ran to the kitchen, and filled her cat’s bowl with food. After making sure he was settled in for the night, she took some time to think about what happened that day.

Though it had been fun exploring all the different Sunday school ideas and activities on Pinterest, Chelsea realized that it wasn’t enough if it meant neglecting other aspects of life. She decided then and there to find a balance between being creative online and taking care of everyday responsibilities off-line as well.

From then on, Chelsea made sure to take regular breaks from Pinterest so she could focus on taking care of herself and those around her. It may not seem like much, but these small changes made all the difference in helping Chelsea live a more balanced life with plenty of room for both creativity and responsibility!

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