Happy Friday!

Good morning my beautiful people. It’s it’s time for Friday, which means we’re going to go to Sam’s for shopping and maybe get some Caribbean food at lunchtime.

It’s a good day of the week because I got paid and there’s nobody here to babysit. That means me and the wife get to spend some of that hard earned money. With our friends at Target, Sam’s Club, and our favorite local restaurants.

Checking in with my diet.

Things are going really great lately with my diet, so I’ll keep eating healthy at lunch. My Levels monitor keeps me honest about blood sugar. This means not so much rice at lunch, but I’m going to enjoy the fried goat meat.

A few things I’m learning so far:

  • Days when I’m running the blood sugar is much easier to keep in range.
  • Processed carbs sneak up on you, even when the total carbs for a meal is in line with goals.
  • Alcohol is the enemy of a stable metabolism, which is another great reason to stop drinking.
  • Low intensity like walking will bring you down 10 pts fast too if you go overboard
  • Even green beans late at night can do a mini blood glucose spike 😳 great reason not to eat after 4pm

Looking ahead to Saturday

The kids will be playing basketball, which means a long day of driving. My only hope for some exercise is to knock out a run today or wait until after dark tomorrow.

I love my elliptical machine, but it’s been overkill lately with all the ice outside. I’d prefer an hour walking outside. That’s looking more likely with the weather cooperating. The only drawback is I don’t have lots of spare hours in my schedule right now.

Which brings me back to tomorrow. I’m leaving out around 8 AM which means no extra sleep. So much for late night Friday!

I’ll need to bring an extra snack in my car in case the games run late into lunch. This goes back to the blood glucose goals. When I get too hungry those poor food choices follow fast.

I also need to finish up my Sunday School Curriculum for this weekend.

Evening update – It’s going to be a late night.

Stocks were down a little today, but I’m still bag holding the tech dump from earlier this year. That’s always a bummer heading into the weekend to see the investments sloping down for the week. I don’t expect it to last long – but I need to be raising cash over the next week for what’s coming in March.

I’m still working on my homework for class and think I need a little outside help. It’s not that I don’t understand – I just need to get free to sit down and knock it out. That’s why I drank some Coke zero and locked my office door until this gets done.

But I keep getting stuck with YouTube and checking email. There’s just a lot out there I want to watch especially with my new friend Jasper. I think he’s going to help me finish my other blog posts.

See you on the other side my friends – happy Friday!