Chelsea Said Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day didn’t usually mean much to Chelsea. She’d experienced a lot of heartache in the past, so she’d come to accept that today was just another day. That is, until her best friend suggested she try something new this Valentine’s Day.

No, she wasn’t going on a date or getting dressed up for some fancy dinner. Instead, she decided to embark on an adventure- an adventure that would take her away from her troubles and allow her to explore the world without any expectations or disappointments. With that in mind, Chelsea set off into the night with nothing but a curious spirit and her cat by her side.

The first stop of the night was at a blog about self-care which focused on finding joy and joy within yourself despite difficult circumstances. Here, Chelsea spent hours reading comments from users around the world who had experienced similar struggles and survived to tell their stories. This made her feel connected and less alone- as if others shared in her pain and understood what she was going through.

Next, it was time to enjoy some food! Although Chelsea could have gone out and explored the city’s restaurants, she instead chose to bring the fun home with her by making an extravagant five-course homemade feast with all of her favorite foods. There were ample sweets too (which she shared with her cat) as they watched one of their favorite movies and snuggled up under blankets on the couch together.

Although Chelsea thought this Valentine’s Day might be like all of the others before it– dull and uninspiring– it ended up being quite the opposite! She felt inspired by all of the stories from brave people around the world who were carving out their own unique paths; reconnected after sharing a meal with someone special; and filled with love for herself after taking time for some self-care activities earlier in the evening. It really had been an adventure after all!

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