Blogging Showed Chelsea How to Appreciate Theatre Around the World

Chelsea had always dreamt of seeing a musical on Broadway, but the chance had never seemed to present itself. Even when she found out that her school was organizing a theater trip to Michigan, her excitement was muted—the thought of going all the way across the country just for one show wasn’t very appealing.

Rather than go on the trip, Chelsea decided to stay home and instead pour herself into exploring blogs and reviews about shows near her and around the world. She scoured through websites, reading through user contributions and professional reviews alike, getting more involved in the theatre world with each passing article she read.

Though it wasn’t quite like being at an actual show, it allowed Chelsea to experience what other people’s opinions on different shows were and pick up tips on how to review performances once she got the chance to see one live. This also allowed her to get perspective from different parts of the world too—seeing how various regions reacted to different kinds of performance art gave her an appreciation for other cultures and their appreciation for theatre.

When Chelsea finally did go see a musical in person, there were already words in her head that could describe what she was seeing and feeling—words she hadn’t picked up from anywhere else but from within herself. She felt prepared after all those months of reading carefully through blog posts and watching online clips; even though she hadn’t attended the play in Michigan as initially planned, blog posts had made it possible for her to be ready for when a play finally came within reach.

Theater trips might have been somewhat arbitrary before, but now that Chelsea had made connections between distant productions and local ones with what she gathered from blogs and reviews around the web—they held a whole new kind of appeal for her now. Through vicarious experiences gained from other people’s accounts on these virtual platforms, she suddenly found herself eager to explore more far-off lands than ever before—just like any great theatrical performance spanned geographical boundaries with its audience, so did blogging have its own way of bringing people closer together no matter where they were located geographically.

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